H11 12V 55W XENON 150

Xenon150 H11 performance halogen headlamp. Upgrade to get more light on the road – up to 150% more than a standard headlamp. With a longer beam pattern, Xenon150s allow you to see hazards sooner, and the whiter light – colour temperature 3700K – gives better reflections from road markings and signs. An easy upgrade to improve your driving experience and get a white, high spec look – no wiring changes needed.

Xenon150 automotive bulbs are extensively tested to ensure that they give excellent brightness, in the right spot on the road. And unlike other +150% brighter automotive bulbs, there is no compromise on life compared to other high performance halogens.  The brightest, longest lasting +150% brighter performance halogen there is.  Price is per pair of bulbs.

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