Double Drawer 750

This drawer system is constructed primarily out of aluminium, our drawers are light, strong and durable. But that isn’t where it ends. You see, many of our competitors feature the same drawer slider mechanisms that you’ll find in your kitchen cabinets. It’s our experience that these light-duty items are simply not strong enough to endure the rigours of overland travel. So our drawers feature no fewer than 8 individual sealed bearings per drawer, they make for an opening action that’s as smooth as it is robust, no matter what conditions you find yourself battling.

The drawer tops are 12 mm waterproof ply covered with nylon carpet, a durable combination that allows you to load gear on top of the drawers with confidence. Spring bolts at the rear of the drawers means you can easily remove the drawers for cleaning, while the front of each drawer features a lockable, self-latching, heavy-duty, stainless steel catch, a unit both easy to operate and super secure.

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